New Year's Retreat

De 29/12 à 03/01
Let's celebrate another trip to the Sun!

10th New Year's Retreat at Centro de Iyengar Yoga Florianópolis.

The New Year's Retreat is an excellent opportunity to cleanse our body, purify our mind, our heart and prepare to start 2023 lighter and more open so that prosperity can manifest.
This year we will study Prasna Upanishad, a dive into this ancient wisdom that inspires us so much about the true essence of Yoga: Union.

You are welcome to join 5 days practicing Yoga, with Meditation, Pranayamas, Asanas, studies of the Holy Scriptures, Kirtan and a sea bath, with Pedro Pessoa and Camila De Lucca.

"As birds, my friend, fly to trees to rest, so all these things fly to the Self: earth and its essence, water and its essence, fire and its essence, air and its essence, ether and its essence, the eye and what it sees, the ear and what it hears, the nose and what it smells, the tongue and what it tastes, the skin and what it touches, the voice and what it speaks , the hands and what they hold, the feet and what they walk on, the mind and what it perceives, the intellect and what it understands, the ego and what it appropriates, the heart and what it loves , light and what it illuminates, energy and what it holds together."
Prasna Upanishad

Let the Light of Yoga illuminate your new year.

May we soar like birds and rest in our true nature, in our Self, and there, like the waters of a river that flow to the sea and merge, become One with Him. This is true Union.

It will be a time for you to look inside, see yourself and situate yourself in life. And so, illuminate your steps with the light of conscience.



We offer a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet, with options for vegans and celiacs. We try to use organic products, and the food is prepared by a special team, where all members practice Yoga and seek to put their best in what they do.

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Centro Iyengar Yoga Florianópolis offers two types of accommodation: communal rooms for three people with bathroom included; and camping area with shared bathroom.

There are also good inns close to the school. Write to us for more information.

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For payment until the 15th of September 10% discount!


Participate in the 10th New Year's Retreat at Centro de Iyengar Yoga Florianópolis. You are all welcome!
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